Learning Determinantal Point Processes

Learning Signed Determinantal Point Processes through the Principal Minor Assignment Problem, Accepted at NIPS 2018 (arXiv:1811.00465; For the presentation: Poster)

Maximum likelihood estimation of Determinantal Point Processes, Joint with A. Moitra, P. Rigollet and J. Urschel, Submitted (arXiv:1701.06501)

Learning Determinantal Point Processes with Moments and Cycles, Joint with A. Moitra, P. Rigollet and J. Urschel, Accepted at ICML 2017 (For the presentation: Slides – Poster)

Rates of estimation for determinantal point processes, Joint with A. Moitra, P. Rigollet and J. Urschel, Accepted at COLT 2017 (For the presentation: Slides – Poster)

Set estimation / Stochastic geometry

Adaptive estimation of convex polytopes and convex sets from noisy data, Electronic Journal of Statistics, Vol. 7, pp. 1301-1327 (2013)

Adaptive estimation of polytopal and convex support, Probability Theory and Related Fields, Vol. 164, pp. 1-16 (2016)

A universal deviation inequality for random polytopes, Working paper (arXiv:1311.2902)

A change-point problem and inference for segment signals, ESAIM: Probability and Statistics, Vol. 22, pp. 210-235

Uniform behaviors of random polytopes under the Hausdorff metric, to appear in Bernoulli (arXiv:1503.0154)

Concentration of the empirical level sets of Tukey’s halfspace depth, to appear in Probability Theory and Related Fields (arXiv:1605.09456)

Uniform deviation and moment inequalities for random polytopes with general densities in arbitrary convex bodies, Submitted (arXiv:1704.01620)

Estimation of convex supports from noisy measurements, Joint with J. Klusowski and X. Yang, Submitted (arXiv:1804.09879)

Methods for Estimation of Convex Sets, Statistical Science, Vol. 33, pp. 615-632 (2018)


Best Arm identification for Contaminated Bandits, Joint with J. Altschuler and A. Malek, Submitted (arXiv:1802.09514)

A nonasymptotic law of iterated logarithm for robust online estimators, Joint with A. Dalalyan and N. Schreuder, Submitted(arXiv:1903.06576)


Learning rates for Gaussian mixtures under group invarianceAccepted at the Conference On Learning Theory (COLT) 2019 (arXiv:1902.11176)

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