Learning Determinantal Point Processes

Learning Signed Determinantal Point Processes through the Principal Minor Assignment Problem, Accepted at NIPS 2018 (to come soon on ArXiV)

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Learning Determinantal Point Processes with Moments and Cycles, Joint with A. Moitra, P. Rigollet and J. Urschel, Accepted at ICML 2017 (For the presentation: Slides – Poster)

Rates of estimation for determinantal point processes, Joint with A. Moitra, P. Rigollet and J. Urschel, Accepted at COLT 2017 (For the presentation: Slides – Poster)

Set estimation / Stochastic geometry

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Best Arm identification for Contaminated Bandits, Joint with J. Altschuler and A. Malek, Submitted (arXiv:1802.09514)